• Providing individual, team and executives training & coaching on communication, feedback and conflict resolution 
  • Train and Coach High Performance Teams
  • Implement and Manage Change processes using System Transition Management
  • Implement Lean-based Analyses & Solutions
  • Golden Circle (Why, How, What) Implementation (Mission / Vision)


  • Build Business Cases / Plans using Business Model Canvas
    • Customer Segmentation
    • Value Proposition
    • Market Intelligence / Competition
    • Costs / Revenue Streams
  • Vendor selection process (eg Clinical CROs; cost analysis – value for money)
  • Business Development Support
    • Develop & Professionalize Marketing Materials
    • Fundraising
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Subsidies

(Interim-) Management

  • (Interim-) Management responsibilities in the following areas:
    • Business Development
    • Business Operations
    • Project Management
    • Executive Management



Personal health does impact the ability to achieve personal excellence, team synergy and company growth. Sub-optimal personal health (e.g. high sick leave, less motivation, more stress, less productivity) results in less happiness at work and thus lower performance. Up Strong can offer, in collaboration with Chooseyourdiet, solutions for teams in order to not limit the focus on the organizational aspects, but also address the physical well-being of the team members. Besides training & nutrition programs, bootcamps as a tool for team building can also be organized. Please visit our joint initiative Up Strong Training & Coaching for more information.